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Marché de Noël

So there’s been a tidal wave of departures over the last week complete with farewells, bon voyages and makeshift plans of which city to reunite in next. As exams end and the holidays creep up there’s been a frenzied rush to revel in each other’s company before bidding farewell. Unlike the spring semester where people linger for a couple weeks or the summer, most everyone parts ways abruptly. This fall has been awesome; met tons of great people, caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in ages and besides a cancelled trip to Oslo (darn Ryanair!), the city has been good to me.

While Paris is garnished with traditional Christmas markets and blinged out trees, I’m sensing that December resembles August, which means store closures en masse and flocks of tourists. On that note, I’m Strasbourg bound and excited to check out the renowned Marchés de Noël (Christmas markets) and wander the Alsatian region. As 2011 draws to a close I’m anticipating the New Year celebrations and another great year. 2011 definitely raised the bar.
Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année!



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